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Being the breadwinner as a married woman

Cultural changes have swept over the world, but one factor remains constant. The fragile nature of a male's ego. One key reason that is causing friction in marriages is the wife being the family's breadwinner. As it has been the norm, men are the head of the family; hence they should be the providers. But what has overtaken this norm? Females have become too empowered, thus have gained the courage to seek independence. However, this has been the kiss of death for many marriages.

Most men across the globe are skeptical about their wives being the breadwinner. This skepticism is born out of the fear that women will abandon their marital roles. Well, there might be some truth to it. Men have been brought up with the mentality that their role is to provide for the family, whereas the woman's role is taking care of the home. So, what causes a woman to become the breadwinner?

Reasons for wives becoming the breadwinner

There are numerous reasons why most women have taken up the role of providing for their families. Among these reasons include:

· Ambition

Most wives want nothing but the best life for their families. Being able to take care of your children's needs and afford them a smooth life is the goal of every parent. Once the wife notices that the husband's income is not enough, they decide to find other sources of income and, in the process, eclipse the earnings of their spouse.

· Joblessness

Families that depend on a single income source are likely to have a hard time once the revenue is lost. Also, most men are bound to sink into depression once they lose their jobs. The loss of the family's source of income acts as an eye-opener to the wife, who decides to take over the role of providing for the family.

· Spite for the partner

Some wives despise their husbands, and hence they want to prove a point. The best way to achieve their goals is to take over the role of providing. Once the wife can cater for all the family needs, it stirs a sense of satisfaction and achievement; they now start treating their partner spitefully.

· Incapacitated husband

For some reason, the husband might not be able to provide for their family. As a result, the woman must take over to ensure the needs of the family are met. Among the major causes of incapacitation are ailments.

How a wife’s role as breadwinner affects the marriage

Once the woman becomes the provider, the marriage is bound to be affected. The ripple effects of this move include:

· Tensions

Most men believe that it is only them who can meet their family's needs. Once the wives start providing too, this is viewed as a hostile move, which eventually simmers tension. With the growing tensions, the bonds that keep the marriage intact begin to crumble.

· Rebellion

Some women will abscond their marital duties once they become the family breadwinners. For instance, if a woman realizes that they are earning more than their husbands, they may decide to switch roles whereby the husband takes over the woman's roles in the house. Ultimately, this will not auger well with the husband hence killing the marriage.

· Family growth

Married women being the breadwinners must not always brew negativity. The wife's income may present an opportunity for financial growth for the family. However, if the family is to benefit, the reasons behind the wife being the breadwinner ought to be genuine.

Saving your marriage after becoming the breadwinner

The wife's role as the family's breadwinner should not always be a cause of disharmony. The couple needs to work together to set some ground rules that will help keep their marriage alive. Firstly, the husband needs to swallow his ego for the sake of the family. Additionally, the couple should negotiate so that they can reach a compromise. Most importantly, the wife should continue playing her role in the home without looking at the fact that she provides for the family.


Being the breadwinner as a married woman can prove to be hectic. Nonetheless, it would be best if you had genuine reasons to justify your role as the provider. Also, do not allow your essential role to mislead you into thinking that you are the head of the home.

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