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I started running my store before I got to the end of the book. I followed all your steps along the book and now I actually have 2 stores running and making more than I ever have in my life. Thanks Tanisha. I can’t wait to start your classes.

Krystal R


With your daily motivation, your consultation calls and this book, I’m not even working at my old job anymore. I started my store and it’s making $20k or more each month. I really didn’t think it was possible. Girl, you the best. I can’t wait to you start your training courses. I’m going to be your first student. Your so dope.

Avery Smith

IMG_8345 2.JPG

I loved it. I was able to start making over $5000 a month without using FB ads with the tips you showed about influencers and optimizing your google appearance.
I branded my entire store and I’m so excited about the vendors list. I already contacted to vendors. Your classes are bomb. Thanks so much 🏆

Cynthia E.


Meet Cierra Lovejoy a wife and devoted mother of 3. Cierra is a licensed cosmetologist as well as a pcna(patient care nursing assistant) currently employed at the Cleveland Clinic. Tanisha and Cierra have been close friends since junior high school. One day Cierra and Tanisha was on the phone and Cierra was just saying how she wanted more growth and freedom. Tanisha presented the opportunity by saying why don’t you just become a stylist full time. Cierra stated that she would love to be a full time stylist it’s just a matter of building more clientele, Consistency, and essential employment with what’s going on in the world today with the pandemic. So Tanisha inspired me to do a online store for another trade as well as income. I also learned that it’s more to opening a store. Not everyone’s a Entrepreneur. If your just in the business to make money you want Succeed. It has to be some kind of passion behind what you decide to do.

Cierra L.

Testimony: Testimonials
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